November 23, 2022

Case Study - Pauling Industries

A case study of Pauling Industries using Insurance for Good to support A Girl Called Hope

Case Study: Pauling Industries

Fast moving consumer goods manufacturing is a complicated business.

This can make it increasingly difficult to manage the associated risks. Fortunately, the team from Crombie Lockwood were able to cut through the complexity and drive great outcomes for Pauling Industries through good advice and experience in their sector.

We conducted a detailed risk review and gap analysis with Pauling Industries, enabling us a deeper understanding of their business and unique associated risks. Through this understanding we were better positioned to sell their risks to a co-insurance panel with the best appetite, as well as highlight shortcomings in the existing program.  

Pauling Industries now have amore comprehensive insurance program, have saved in premium cost, and importantly, understand what they do and don’t have insured, and why.

Through Insurance for Good, Pauling Manufacturing has provided on going support to A Girl Called Hope, a charity close to the owner's heart, with donations of nearly $10,000.

A true win-win.

“Great team and great outcome. Who wouldn’t want to drive social impact through every day spending? It’s good business full stop.”

- James Collie, Director

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