September 21, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Insurance for Good Surpasses $150,000 in Donations!

Raizor are delighted to announce that through Insurance for Good, we have donated $151,294 to the causes above; 

Raizor’s missions is to develop fundraising strategies that build recurring and long-lasting donations for non-profit organisations to better financially support themselves. Insurance for Good is a fundraising program developed in collaboration between fundraising group, Raizor, and Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers. 

But why insurance? We chose business insurance as a fundraising tool because:

  • Everyone Needs It 
  • Its widespread necessity makes it a fundraising product that is applicable to every business and charity.

  • Support charities directly
  • Insurance for Good can support charities with their own insurance, giving them the right advice whilst donating a portion of the brokerage fee back to the organisation.

  • Recurring Donations
  • Insurance stands out among other products as it has the capacity to generate recurring donations through ongoing participating clients.

  • Donations are substantial
  • Insurance can be a large annual expense for businesses, which in turn can lead to a significant donation.

“I've really enjoyed being a part of the Insurance for Good program. First and foremost, Crombie Lockwood’s aim is to do right by the client by giving them great advice and great service. We do this by building a full understanding of their business and risk profile, and supporting them with specialist expertise from across our business, but donating such a significant amount to charity each year has made the job really worthwhile.”
- Jarrod de Pont, Crombie Lockwood



Hepara Charitable Trust is an organisation committed to proliferating Christian values throughout NZ's business community. It was created to connect people and produce materials that will aid other businesses to pursue the Gospel’s shaping of their work. Through Insurance for Good, they have received over $40,000 through Insurance for Good to help further their mission.

(Image showing Hepara Foundation Trust big check with Founder Greg Fleming)


Christian Camping NZ is a non-profit membership association dedicated to creating transformative and faith-centered camping experiences in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Through Insurance for Good, many participating camps are saving on premiums, improving cover and have donated nearly $30,000 to CCNZ.


Parenting Place is a trusted and compassionate organisation dedicated to empowering parents and caregivers with the tools and resources they need to raise thriving children in New Zealand. Insurance for Good has donated $10,000 to Parenting Place to help continue to strengthen their programs and impact across Aotearoa.

(Image showing big check with CEO Dave Atkinson, Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager Kylie Kent, and Colin Thomas, Raizor Co-Founder)


A Girl Called Hope is a non-profit wellbeing program and shelter that focuses on women’s mental health and safety. Whether they are suffering from anxiety, depression, disordered eating, self-harm and/or suicide, AGCH supports multiple women in their journey to strengthening their resilience, self-esteem and wellbeing. To date, they have received nearly $10,000 in donations to support their shelter.

(Image showing big check with A Girl Called Hope CEO Kerry Petrie)


ŌCHT is a Christchurch based social housing provider. ŌCHT has strong focus on community building and supporting tenants to achieve sustainable tenancies. During a recent review of their own insurance, Insurance for Good have earned ŌCHT $7,500 in donations, which was used for their digital inclusion program. This upskilled residents with the use of devices and enabled them to feel comfortable online.

(image showing housing by Ōtautahi Housing Trust)


The Mental Health Foundation is a vital charity aiming to help all New Zealanders flourish and help create a society where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing. They are well known for their amazing campaigns such as Pink Shirt Day; an annual campaign promoting the social movement to eliminate bullying within schools, especially cyber bullying. Statistics from their annual report state “86% agree Pink Shirt Day has supported their ongoing efforts to prevent bullying and create positive cultural change.” With Insurance for Good, the Mental Health Foundation has earned $2,418 from client donations.


The Child Cancer Foundation strives to make the lives of family, parents and children easier to manage as they adapt to a child’s cancer diagnosis. Many families appreciate the support the foundation brings, with 50% of on-treatment families believing that Child Cancer Foundation support them emotionally through their child’s treatment, and 100% of off-treatment families agreeing that Child Cancer Foundation have helped to develop and maintain their relationships with their children and whānau. So far, Child Cancer Foundation has collected $1,041 in donations and we’re looking forward to growing this support with such a worthy cause..

(Image showing big check with Child Cancer Foundation members including Chris Key, Fundraising and Growth Manager)

This program serves as an example of how commerce and philanthropy can intersect to create a profound positive impact in our communities

To us, this milestone means our efforts have been successful and we are now ready to scale and work with more businesses to grow our support for even more charities. 

Interested to learn more? Contact us at | 027 490 2542

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